Maintaining rental properties – The basics

Rental properties are known to generate more income than most real estate properties. This is the main reason most people join the real estate business. What some of these people do not realise is that you need to finance and maintain the property in order to keep the income steady or growing. For your property to appreciate in value, you will need to spend money on constant repairs, maintenance and management.

Below are some top tips to help you take care of your rental properties

Follow all property laws

There are common and strict rules set up by the government for rental property.  As an owner, you have the obligation to keep the property clean and provide a safe place for the tenants. One of the main rental property regulations are good heating systems, sanitary plumbing system, working electrical and wiring and a waste disposal method. The rental agreements provided to the tenants should include maintenance details. the law requires you to put down detailed responsibilities of you, the manager and tenant in maintaining the property.

You should hire a property manager

When you have a job or you do not live near your rental properties, it can be hard to keep up with the maintenance. A property manager’s main job is to handle all the daily operation of your real estate. The roles and responsibility of the managers vary depending on the pay and the agreement with the property owner.  The best part about having a property manager is that you will not have to deal with your tenants one o one. All communications between you and tenants are carried out through a third party, who is the property manager.

The main roles of the property manager are;

Receiving all the tenant complaints and finding a way to resolve them. for example, they are in charge of inspecting any damages, hiring professionals for repairs, electric services, plumbing services and renovations to the property.

They are expected to supervise all the repairs done by the hired professionals and make sure they are done properly.  The documented payments are also done by the property manager on your behalf.  Finally, they are in charge of routine maintenance teams who learn all common areas and maintain the property landscape.

Keep up with construction and remodelling of the property

For property to appreciate in value, it will need proper care and maintenance. You should take care of your real estate properties by maintaining the structures every now and then. The best way to do it is to schedule remodelling and constructions every few years. Remodelling will help correct all the damages to the structure while keeping the tenants satisfied.  Constant repairs are needed to fix property damages and keep the structure strong.

Keep the tenants in check

Dealing with rental properties is difficult. Most tenants won’t understand that this form of business should not be taken lightly. All rules should apply to all your tenants; when you are collecting the monthly rents no tenants should be excluded for whatever reasons. They should sign lease agreements before they move in; this keeps everything in check and minimises misbehaviours and property destruction.